Tech Vault

The best of my retro tech collection.

Modded iPod Mini

This iPod Mini 1G packs a punch! It stores all of its music on a 64GB SD card, and it still sounds great. It's easily the cutest iPod that I've ever owned. I dig the green, too.

Release Year: 2004

OS: stock iPod firmware

Handspring Visor

Created by the founders of Palm, I find the Visor PDA very interesting. It's both well-built and unique, featuring an iconic design. I enjoy taking mine around and playing Bike or Die on the go. Plus, you can't go wrong with 8 megabytes of memory!

Release Year: 1999

OS: Palm OS 3

2006 iMac (Intel)

This iMac was $10! It has zero flaws and works great. I threw in a 240 GB SSD, upgraded it to 4 GB RAM, and gave it a good cleaning. It also has a Core 2 Duo powering it, so it's plenty fast. It's an awesome computer, and it's great for working with other old devices. 10/10.

Release Year: 2006

OS: Snow Leopard

(Old) MacBook Pro

Rocking an ancient Core i5 and 8 gigabytes of RAM, this thing isn't exactly a speed demon. It also isn't in the best shape. That said, its optical drive is very useful, so I'm happy to keep it around. It's also really nice for simple tasks such as web browsing.

Release Year: 2012

OS: macOS 12

Vintage Casio Watch

I got this thing for $2! I threw in a button cell battery and it works great. It's built surprisingly well with a snazzy stainless steel case. It genuinely feels better than most modern Casio digitals. The only issue I've had with it is that the alarm does not work for some reason. Good thing I don't care! Overall, not too bad for the price.

Release Year: Early 80s

OS: it's a vintage watch, bro

BlackBerry 9720

I got this phone in new condition, and it represents a fascinating time in BlackBerry's history. It was a low-end device released at the beginning of the BlackBerry 10 era, but it was running the old BBOS 7. As a result, I consider it to be the last classic BlackBerry. It's super weird and has an awful screen. I love it!

Release Year: 2013

OS: BlackBerry OS 7

Sony FD Mavica

It's the iconic floppy disk camera! I have a few of these. People just give them to me. I'm not complaining. ;)

Some of the Mavica cameras support video recording, so I decided to record a day in my life on one.
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Release Year: ~Y2K

OS: n/a

Sony Sports Walkman

Just look at this thing! For a sports-centered Walkman, it's absolutely huge. It has tons of nice features, including Dolby B NR and auto reverse. It also feels rock solid. But man, it's goofy!

Release Year: looooooong Ago

OS: n/a