My Software

These are the main software projects that I am working on.

Violoncello logo


A powerful text-based browser with lots of features.

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Flaura logo


Introducing Flaura, an intuitive and unique way to take notes on books.

StreakWriter logo


Meet StreakWriter, an app that motivates you to improve your writing skills.

GoFrench logo


Your portal to resources for learning French.

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Compliment Moi logo

Compliment Moi

A fun app that takes a photo of you and gives you a compliment!

Talking Ron logo

My Talking Ron

Demo web app similar to Talking Tom. Made with vanilla JavaScript, utilizes speech recognition and synthesis APIs.

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TaskNudge logo


Set a single, short-term task for yourself and get reminders every few minutes to complete it.

LinkBoard logo


Save links, email addresses, phone numbers, and places for later.


Other Projects

These are my main software projects, but they aren't the only ones that I work on. You can find my other projects on GitHub.

Feeling adventurous? Check out my old site to see what I used to work on!