A Bit About Me

Who am I, what do I do, and what is this site for? This page aims to answer those exact questions.

The Laptopman

I drew this in 9th grade. For some reason, it's stuck around.

Hi, I'm John...

I'm an 18 y/o with an interest in photography, computers, watches, cameras, and more. Here is some info about me and some of my achievements:

I consider myself to be a pretty busy person. In my spare time, I'm always working on new projects and fixing electronics. That's my life, for better or worse. ;)

This Site's Purpose

To answer the question of what this site is for, it's essentially just a place for me to share my projects, hobbies, and creations.

Contact Me

Want to get in touch? If so, feel free to send me an email! I make no guarantee that I will reply, but if you have a question or message that you feel is worthwhile, my email address is linked below.

tectrasystemsinquiries [at] gmail [dot] com